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IIEIL HIXBU!                                       165

lie decided to throw in his lot with Congress, was to dress up all
his followers in red shirts. The frontier Gandhi's Redstarts are
supposed to be apostles of gentleness and non-resistance. When
thousands of fanatical six-footers squat down firmly in front of a
few harassed British policemen armed with bamboo crines, the
4 gentleness" becomes somewhat academic.

The Congress Flag, green, yellow and white, is saluted by the
Hindus with the* same fervour as the swastika was saluted in
Germany. It is a party flag, pure and simple. Time aiKTagain it
has been torn down by the Muslims with the same ferocity as, ip
Germany, the swastika was torn down by the Communists, Yet
many misguided Westerners appear to regard it as the fiag of India !

The German * Heil Hitler * has a striking equivalent in the Indian
"Gandhiji." The cerminal " ji" is in theory an expression of endear-
ment. in reality it has become a test of orthodoxy. If orie/did not
say "Heii Hitler" in Germany one was asking for trouble, and if
one doc^ not say " Gandhiji ' in India, one gets* it.

A little while ago I was addressing a gathering of Indian students.
rl referred to Gandhi as Gaudhi. " Gandhiji, Gandhiji!' cried some
angry voices in the crowd. For once in a way I had the right

fc3Iy own leader," I said, "is 3Ir. Winston Churchill. I consider
him a great enough man, to be described as " ChtirchilL" I am
paying Gandhi the same compliment/

It was a compliment that was not appreciated.

The resemblances between Gandhi and Hitler are, of course,

In, January 1941, the German radio station at Zeezen, in a special
broadcast to India, proclaimed. . sThe German people respect
Mahatma Gandhi as much as Adolf Hitler. Herr Hitler has the same
principles as 3Iahatma Gandhi.*1

We need not take that too seriously ; Hitler would discover
himself to have the same 'principles' as Marx or Tolstoy, if it
suited his convenience. In any case, we do not need Hitler's
testimony ; the resemblances between the two dictator** are too
-obvious to be stressed.

1 Quoted in Ftdedvut o* Fascist*: (Radical Democratic Party of India, Xew Dellii